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Invitation for Paper Presentation

The Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children (AWIC)/Indian Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) invites papers on the following subjects for an International Conference on Book Therapy. Please send in a synopsis of your proposed paper in 150-200 words by 30 April 2011. Your paper presentation should not exceed 10-12 minutes.
Session 1
Theme : Reading to Recovery and the Role of Books in Disaster Management
[Note: This session will deal with the significance of book therapy and how books can alleviate trauma with reference to children affected by major disasters. The global aspect will also be mentioned.]
Suggested topics for papers
1. SOS: Stories offer solace
2. Book therapy for those affected by natural disasters
3. Book therapy for those affected by man made disasters
4. Book therapy for those disturbed by psycho-social difficulties
5. Girls and Trauma
Session 2
Theme : Creating Books that Heal
[Note: This session will focus on the role of authors and illustrators in creating books which are soothing and effective in dealing with trauma.]
Suggested topics for papers
1. Writing to heal
2. Art to heal
3. The magic of poetry and prayer
4. Humour, the medicine of mind
5. Special books for special cases
6. Unburdening the emotional baggage through fiction
7. Exploring imagination and fantasy
Session 3
Theme : Reaching Out – the Role of Facilitators
[Note: This will be about the role played by publishers, parents, counselors, librarians, NGOs and storytellers etc. in making therapeutic books available where they are needed]
Suggested topics for papers
1. Role of publishers
2. Role of librarians
3. Choosing a book with a healing touch
4. What parents can do
5. Role of teachers
6. Friends and Wellwishers
Session 4
Theme : Using Books to Heal
[Note: This would deal with the practical aspects of how books can be used to help children get relief from negative emotions]
Suggested topics for papers
1. Storytelling and library activities
2. The Happy Ward in Hospitals
3. Developing a positive attitude in the reader
4. Entering the Children’s Zone of silence
5. Building hope after trauma
6. Reading to conquer disabilities
[ Please note that you may choose any other topic that fits into the relevant theme. ]  
For further details contact :  
Conference Organiser,
International Conference on Book Therapy
Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children (AWIC)/Ind.BBY
Nehru House,
4, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
New Delhi - 110002, INDIA
Tel.: 91.11.43603831, 91.11.23316970-74
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